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Jazz Study

Your Goal

If studying Jazz is a subject you've been dreaming to have in your life as your mission and satisfaction or it's quite necessary for your preparations for application of Jazz schools or certain competitions, this course might be for you.


New York City based, Jazz trained music coach, Roy offers private classes (in-person and online) for Jazz Study course regardless of age and level of skills for Saxophone and Clarinet students.

Most of my current students are beginner to intermediate levels. But, especially for saxophone students, Advanced level students are also welcomed. 

For online classes, basically students can join the course from anywhere. Some of my students are joining from California, Hawaii, Alabama, Philadelphia and Japan via the Google Meet!


Lesson Style

   Practicality is the key part of how I teach my Jazz students. This course is for students who want to start learning Jazz from the scratch regardless of having musical experience or not. Or, having the ability to perform music with your instrument in many ways, but want to switch to Jazz because of auditions of Jazz schools or some sort. Though, being able to have the ability of improvisation is the most fun and challenging part of digesting Jazz music, there are countless methods and ways of sharpening it up to the next level.  Taking a tentative step sometimes leads you to be stuck in the mud, like trying to memorize each individual name of scales separately without organizing them. I have solutions for students who is currently suffering how to become better and make your Jazz life better.


・Recommended Textbooks

Essential Elements For Jazz (Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute)

Basic Jazz Conception for Saxophone


 H. Klose 25 Daily Exercises for Saxophone

 Marcel Mule 48 Etudes




Trial lesson (the first time lesson only)


30 minutes / $20


45 minutes / $30


60 minutes / $40

Regular lesson


30 minutes / $30


45 minutes / $45


60 minutes / $60

Brooklyn Bridge

Studio Location


Opening Time

[Empire Studio #1113]

2 Prince St
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Mon - Thurs

10:00 am – 9:00 pm


Sat and Sun

10:00 am – 5:00 pm

  9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Reserve Lesson Slot

    Please contact me via direct phone call or text message, or email. In addition to that, the inquiry form down below works just as direct email. Let me hear what your request is!

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Additional info

Roy is also one of the active music instructors in the tutors matching service, MUSIKA LESSON.

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