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About General Music Lessons

(For residents in New York City and New Jersey area)

  Music lessons by Roy Futaba is a private at-home music lesson service, based in Astoria, NY.


  Learning pleasant and accurate music with a wide perspective, regardless of specific genres.


  Specialized tutoring for beginners who learn Piano, Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute.

Google Meet is available!


Lesson Style

   My teaching style is to get students motivated with fun components of lesson materials. Sometimes, I recommend material to watch and listen for getting ideas how to master instruments because it's important to know great examples of pro-instrumentalists as much as possible. Playing instruments have to be fun whichever materials they are working on, but there is on and off physically and mentally. I teach you how to get better continuing to have fun practicing and get improved on songs they want to be able to perform.



   I've been teaching music for a wide range of generations of students for over 10 years. When I was in Japan, I had taught lessons in Yamano music school, which is one of well-known music schools in general music lesson industries in Japan. Throughout classical music to Jazz music, providing a lesson with full of joyfulness within a genuine music education to students is my teaching motto. Having an ability of playing music by your instrument is to be able to improve your own personality and expressions.


Methods Used

Recommended Textbooks [published by Hal Leonard]

Essential Elements For Band (Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute)

Essential Elements For Jazz (Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute)

Piano Adventures (Piano)

Piano Lessons (Piano)


  For beginning students who are children or elementary school students wishing to play Piano, Flute, Clarinet, or Saxophone, I typically start with Hal Leonard's Essential Elements. For the students' level of intermediate beyond, I only accept teaching Saxophone students. Then, I would like to see what kind of musicality on your saxophone you have, first. To do that, you have to prepare a song that you are most comfortable with. Or, I provide you some materials, or specific Etudes. For example: (For Saxophone student) ・H. Klose 25 Daily Exercises for Saxophone ・Marcel Mule 48 Etudes



Trial lesson (the first time lesson only)

30 minutes / $20

45 minutes / $30

60 minutes / $40

Regular lesson

30 minutes / $30

45 minutes / $45

60 minutes / $60

Additional info

The teacher Ryoju is also one of the active music instructors in the tutors matching service, MUSIKA LESSON.



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