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Sideman Works

As Ryoju Fukushiro (old artist name)


[Trumpet] - David Smith / Michael Mossman [Saxophone] - Lorenzo Bisogno
[Trombone] - Robert Lee Mitchell
[Drum] - Chi Lin Lu D.
[Bass] - Leonardo Catricala
[Piano] - Quincy Newell
[Percussion] - Eugene Seow

[Alto Sax solo] - Reiss Ellis Beckles / Brandon Douthitt
[Tenor Sax solo] - Lorenzo Bisogno / Rent Bao [Bari. Sax solo] - Ryoju Fukushiro
[Trumpet solo] - Michael Mossman
[Trombone solo] - Robert Lee Mitchell / Denzel McKenzie

MV Director & Editing by Chi Lin Lu 導演&剪輯後製 / 呂其霖 MV shouting by Yun Ling 攝影 / 凌雲 Produced by Chi Lin Lu 製作人 / 呂其霖 Photography by Renée 專輯照片 / 謝邵臻 Album design by Chi Lin Lu 專輯設計 / 呂其霖

Recorded by Chi Lin Lu & Witnel Paul Recording Assistant by Justin Tricarico Mixing & Mastering by Dave Darlington

December 13, 2018, at Bass Hit Recording

發行:好有感覺音樂事業有限公司 Distributors: Feeling Good Music Co., Ltd. Please visit for videos and additional information on this project.
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