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Purify_Satisfy, aka Ryoju F


When Ryoju F works as a sound designer for any sound designing projects, he names himself as Purify_Satisfy.

He mainly composes a "motivational" type of background

corporate music.


Find his "Royalty Free" compositions on Audio Jungle and Audio Stock, and please consider them for your project videos' background music!

Past Projects

April, 2020

New music production, "Purify_Satisfy" has just kicked off! 

The first composition is made for the competition called 

Miku Expo Stay Home mini song contest 2020 in Japan.


The song title is "Sunaoni Tsutaeyo Kokorono Koe (feat. MIKU HATSUNE)".

lyrics and music by
Ryoju Fukushiro, aka Purify Satisfy

R's Creation of Music

Sound designing by composer and arranger, Ryoju Fukushiro.

March, 2018 Composed a completely original song for the Japanese Kids School in NJ, USA

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